EAI has completed miles of pipeline construction restoration in the lower 48
states. With a company owned line up of equipment including tractors, seed drills
and broadcasters, round and square bale mulchers, discs, drags and trucks no job
is too big or too small. EAI's work force of 400+ employees allows us to take on
any right of way restoration project regardless of the length or progress needed.
Services include:

  • Seeding (drill, broadcast and hand)
  • Mulching (round or square bale)
  • Fertilizer and Lime
  • Erosion Control (Geotech, Curlex, Rip Rap, Silt Fence)
  • Fencing (temporary gaps and permanent)
  • H Brace Fabrication and Installation
  • Foam Trench Breakers and Pipe Pillows
  • Above ground Sandblasting, Painting and Coatings
  • Clearing & Grading
  • Concrete & Foundations