Industrial Coatings and Abrasive Blasting Services

Environmental Action, Inc. (EAI) is an industrial painting and abrasive blasting company servicing the Gulf Coast and Central US. We specialize in performing complex, hard-to-reach (or access) painting or coatings projects. EAI’s customers include pipelines, refineries, natural gas processing facilities, midstream pump and compressor stations, food plants, manufacturing facilities, agricultural companies, municipalities, and more.

Industrial painting often requires specialized rigging to access areas such as confined spaces and the application of special coatings to withstand harsh environments. Our field employees are skilled at installing a variety of protective coatings and linings; they have extensive experience in commercial and industrial coating, painting, and abrasive blasting solutions.

Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Coatings:

  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Industrial Stacks & Towers
  • Water Towers
  • Concrete/Metal Silos
  • Structural Steel & Pipe Racks
  • Clarifiers & Treaters
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Piping Components
  • Skids & Valves
Working at Refinery area